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IDDUP Atrium


A fully equipped space


An ideal localization between Liège, Brussels, Hasselt, and Sint-Truiden


An accomodation comprising 2 bedrooms


A meeting room for 16 people


High-end and customized services


And inspiring environment

IDDUP Atrium is located in Otrange, one of the prettiest village of Hesbaye, at only a few kilometers of the center of Liège and the Limburg Province. Rocked by the Geer river, which waters popler-lined meadows and pastures, Otrange invites its life-long citizens or its passing inhabitants to share its tranquility and the impressiveness of its medieval castle. Castle and farms are the deserving heirs of the High Court and Low Court topography of the Middle Age.

The Business Guest House, former barn of a 19th century farm, blends perfectly into this Hesbaye countryside, which has known how to become richer from the necessary evolutions of its time, voluntarily docile to letting itself being redynamized.

The atmosphere is simultaneoulsy chic and relaxed, simple and psychedelic, each place having a pleasant personnality. The spaces are inviting to devote yourself to the pleasure of conversation, reading, rest, work or of the turmoil of the hosted intimate receptions.

To enjoy a surprizing home chef or a soothing massage, the private concierge services call on to your imagination, which will be the hosts' only limit. The local gastronomy is one of the most gourmet of Wallonia, thanks to the numerous neighbouring farms where the poultry, fruit, and vegetable producers rival of talent to offer seasonal products of a rare refinement. An eclectic selection of the best wines of the world and of France will once and for all match the reason of your stay with the taste of hosts' excellence.

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What can we organize at the Atrium?

The 100m² area is allocated on two floors: on the first floor, an ideal space to work. Offices in Open Space can be organized depending on the needs (for 16 people). They have connection (fast Wi-Fi) and projection technologies, essential for an efficient work day.

The omnipresent natural lighting is essential to ensure the energy is used as efficiently as possible. The ergonomics of the seats offer an adequate comfort. A rearranged patio extends the workspace.

On the second floor, a peaceful relaxation area. It also enables working in subcommittee or being isolated to have a different approach, for example in the scope of a meeting.

Available equipment

flat screens
SONOS speaker
Secured indivual
indivual lockers
Fast Wi-Fi


  • Driveway (2 cars, with surveillance camera)

Human resources

  • Computer specialist available remotely

The premises are specifically arranger to welcome :

  • Workshop
  • Workspace renting
  • Executive committee
  • Conference
  • Training
  • Work group
  • Study day
  • Work meeting
  • Seminar
  • Team building
  • Workshop
  • Coworking
  • ...

This list is not exhaustive, we invite you to submit any other proposition of the use of the premises.


To complete de Business area, IDDUP ATRIUM has available an accomodation with two double bedrooms equipped with Smart TV and a Wi-Fi connection, as well as a large bathroom (shower / bathtub). Therefore, it is absolutely conceivable to book the whole space for one or more nights.

In Hesbaye, the strolls, the thematic visits, the museums and the different attractions invite us to reconcile professionnal and familial life.

At 20 minutes of the center of Liège, enjoy the "Cité ardente" and its forever festive mood.

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Private concierge services

Descended from the Middle Age traditions, Private Concierge Service is an art.
If the custom is not anymore the army of men in redingotes marked on the collar by those famous criss-crossed golden keys, it is, however, forever and always, the cult of exception which harmonizes the world.

Tied to the honnor code, where the know-how, the sense of an excellent service, the attention paid to each person and the absolute confidentiality play a seminal role, the Private Concierge services are to creating customer loyalty what culture is to life : « what is left when everything else has been forgotten ».

A home chef or an exceptional seat at the Royal Opera of Liège?
A "shopping visit" with one of the most famous bloggers from Liège or the organization of an unforgettable night out at the Casino in Spa?
The reservation of a private jet or the private opening of one of the prettiest jewelry stores of Wallonia?

We can't deny you anything!

Open Your World, Find Solutions !