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They trust us.

Claude Vanguestaine - Coordinator of "Les Négociales" challenge - Belgium, HEPL

"IDDUP and “Les Négociales Belgique” comes under the same slogan “feelings generators, talents developers”. Thanks to Isabelle for her involvement and her expertise !"

Maité Wionmont

"Promises made, promises kept. Comfort, friendliness and human warmth… all needed for a good stay. Hoping nothing will change for the upcoming year, many thanks for your welcome and your presence. It will be a pleasure to come back again. Thank you and happy new year."

Lorenzo BARZANTI - Vignaiolo

"Grazie per la straordinaria accoglienza ! Adesso lascio Otrange… con il cuore che piange. Vi aspetto in Toscana. Merci pour tout, Lorenzo."

IDDUP Skills
Dr. Myriam Bolognin - Behaviourist veterinarian

"I was given the opportunity to collaborate with IDDUP in the context of “media relations”. Isabelle Damoisaux-Delnoy managed to make my passion and profession visible to the local press. Very quickly, she was able to capture the essence of my personality and the heart of my profession. The day after Isabelle released the press file, I was interviewed and an article was published in the “Meuse Huy-Waremme” newspaper of April 13th, 2018.
This publication has obviously boosted my visibility and allowed me to help new clients I’m still following today.
Isabelle has also allowed me to overcome limiting beliefs and get out of my comfort zone; for example, my first conferences on dog and cat behavior are now ready!
Thanks to her advice, kindness and motivation, we have also managed to develop together my reputation on social networks with posts that have reached thousands of Internet users.
That's why I want to warmly thank her for everything!"

Jocelyne Raccourcier - Ingénieur

"Merci de votre chaleureux accueil ;-) Nous nous sommes sentis à l’Atrium comme à la maison. Excellente ambiance et très confortable."

Logo Beneo
Logo Fortunoo
Patrick Dumont - Founder

"IDDUP offers an ultra-flexible workspace where you are directly operational when you arrive. IDDUP Atrium is also interesting because it is a rural coworking: it is beneficial as a mobility solution to unclog cities. I also note that it's more than a coworking because there are more and more conferences and quality trainings organized there."

Stefano Cavini - Geologist technician

"The house is very beautiful, the hospitality is at the top! Compliments for everything, thank you and see you soon!"

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IDDUP Atrium
Maité Wionmont

"Thank you very much for the means implemented to welcome us on this festive day! Very nice place and very beautiful finishes. Thank you for your trust ! Happy new year 2018! "

Jean Hardy - Managing Partner, Jh Finance & Glass

"Your activities, whether through the Atrium or the services you offer in communication & public relations, are linked by the same vision of our place on Earth. You are definitely part of those who try to "move the lines" : I take my hat off, Isabelle!"

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Logo Pierre Echard
Pierre Echard - Circular Economy & Social Design Advisor

"IDDUP is a veritable incubator of ideas and exchanges in the Liege region. It is a friendly space and very well suited to both individual and team work. And Isabelle, in addition to her communication skills, is a talent gatherer who draws on her networks to facilitate relationships between professionals from different sectors. The space and the IDDUP team therefore offer a great opportunity to give new impetus to your activities."

Bernard Dauby - Artisan relieur

"Thanks again for organizing the oenology workshops with Vanessa Jarlot. I did have not only a great evening, but above all, I was able to discover a beautiful approach to wine tasting."

Logo Mon vin chez vous
IDDUP Atrium
Frédéric Dalem - Business Manager

"Thanks to the founders exceptional work of this coworking space and trainings, the moments I spend there are always productive and full of nice meets. Here, collaborative economy and well-being are present at every moment. An ideal place and easy access to work efficiently and comfortably. Everything is planned to feel (almost better) than at home: two cozy spaces and high tech, hot drinks, kitchen and concierge services for longer stays. Perfect for professional nomads who are looking for a wallonian oasis."

Rowan Brown - Geophysicist, G-TEC

"The Atrium is a great place to stay, it has everything you could need to work or relax and is kept impeccably clean. The only thing better than the Atrium itself are the two lovely owners Isabelle and Guido.
They were both as considerate, helpful and friendly as you could hope for. Overall, it was the perfect place to call home for a month."

Logo Gtech
Logo Gtech
Fanica Rada - Geophysicist, G-TEC

"The house was real sweet house with huge bathroom and kitchen with all equipment necessary for feeling like home. Isabelle is very nice host and helpful."

Dr. Vassili Joannidès de Lautour - Associate Professor at the Management School of Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

"A wonderfully equipped and organized place to work without feeling like you are. The Atrium is as welcoming as an office that you could have at home!"

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Fôve Ferlisi - Adminisatrative Assistant of the company G-TEC

" It is a happy coincidence to have found the website of IDDUP, and what a pleasure! A welcoming establishment, functional and technological. A fantastic owner, cheerful and available.
We hope to pursue the collaboration in the same way it has started, it is to say, perfect!"

Logo Thermallium
Patrick Masset - CEO of the company THERMALLIUM

"The Atrium, ideally located from major highways, offers in a serene and modern work environment a quality service for professional organisations, meetings and accommodation. I highly recommend the solutions proposed by the Atrium to itinerant managers who are looking for a work space that combines well-being and efficiency."

Logo ESA
Christophe Lasseur - Life Support R&D Department Coordinator of ESA

"I have had the chance to stay at the Atrium, I keep an excellent memory. The Atrium is very well equiped and comfortable, up to the welcome from Isabelle which, as usual, was excellent!"

Carré Graphique
Edouard Dejardin - Associate CEO - Carré Graphique

"I wanted my collaborators to step out of their daily workspace in order to stimulate their reflection and their creativity..."

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